Old women and bras

In the fifth century BC, was made an image showing how to dress Aphrodite. Some winged creatures helped her tighten strafion figured that was the prototype of the modern bra. In ancient Rome, women also wore under his clothes a kind of bras. They are worn under the coats and tunics, and looked like leather belts, or stanza, which emphasized the chest and waist.

Description bras

The first thing that catches the man's eyes when he looks at a woman is her breasts. Therefore, it should be presented with a beautiful. This can be done through a variety of bras that can highlight all the advantages of the breast. Bras are, and corrective function that allows you to hide the flaws of your chest. Whether it is too small or, conversely, too much breast. Consider the basic model bras.

Types of bras

Consider the basic five types of bras. First, there is a bra bustier. In this bra is available in a short corset, which is equipped with a dense skeleton and bones. These bras give your breasts an alluring shape. But they support not only the breast, but the whole figure of a woman above the waist, adjusting its shape. Wear a Bustier usually under a knitted clothes with big holes. But it is possible to wear this bra as a separate article of clothing.

bras for big breasts and pregnant

In recent years an increasing number of women who have very large breasts. On the one hand, the effects of plastic surgery breast augmentation, and on the other hand, the effects of poor lifestyle choices, which makes women's breasts, and not only is growing by leaps and bounds. So women need bras of type D, and even higher. But this is a concern of specialists to provide large breasts bras.