How did the bra

It turns out that the bra invented more than once. Even in primitive tribes, women used them. For example, the famous Pater Shulman in 1847, the tribes of East Africa found that women with a complicated system of cords tied up his chest. The aim of these women had a desire to hide a possible shake breasts while walking and working, which sparked a passion for men.

Bra and Push-ups

There are three types of bras - Bra and Push-up. A series of these bras have different abilities to give the breast a more three-dimensional shapes and visually increase its size.

Tips buying bras

When buying a bra plays an important role and size of the breast. Since release bras for breast ideal for small to large and bras for pregnant women. Consider the advice of two types of breast: an ideal and a little girl.

How can I distinguish between bras: Angelica and Balkonet

There are several common types of bras, which are distinguished by name. Here they are: the Angelika, Balkonet, seamless, Bra, Braser, Bustier, Vonderbra with soft cups, underwired and Corbeil. Consider two of them. Angelica - a bra that supports the breast from below. This model is very similar to Korbeem, balconette and Braserom, if they have straps unfastened, and thus begin in the most extreme points of the side cups.