How did the bra

It turns out that the bra invented more than once. Even in primitive tribes, women used them. For example, the famous Pater Shulman in 1847, the tribes of East Africa found that women with a complicated system of cords tied up his chest. The aim of these women had a desire to hide a possible shake breasts while walking and working, which sparked a passion for men.
The Egyptians as early as the sixth century BC, wore special chest bandages, which were made of wide bands of dense linen. And it was their wardrobe essential. Fashion in Egypt of those days was a small firm breasts, while hanging, and a large chest was a sign prostolyudinok.
In ancient times, women have been something akin to the modern bra. For example, in ancient Greece, women with special dressings, and support the breast from the bottom to hide unwanted large forms. To designate these ancient bras even used some special words. Unfortunately, as bras look like today, no one knows. Perhaps it was a strip of cloth and leather, which tied his chest. But then how many words used to describe a bra, shows how much has been models.