Versions of the appearance of juicy female accessory

This detail is sweetly feminine wardrobe idea of ??its beauty and zest, but it was not always the case. Bra is a tool that has long sought to oust the unfortunate corsets, which brought a lot of problems and harm women's health. There are several versions of the appearance of this feminine accessory.
The first version is that some of the Paris milliner E. Kadol at the end of 1889 and cut off the bottom of the corset, sewing the strap to it, to make life more convenient to his client, to play tennis.
The second version gives primacy seamstress from Germany Christine Hardt, who presented to the experts sensational model - a woman's sweater with a more rigid cups to the chest that held the breast, without modifying its shape. This theory of probability than the first, because the word "bra" in German means "Breast Supporter".
The most popular is the third version, to be guided by this important invention for women - an American, Mary Jacobs. In 1914, the product is patented. And she came to this way: her dress on the rout with an open back is clearly not combined with a corset, and she quickly constructed of two broad bands and handkerchiefs bra, close to his appearance today.