The modern bra. The history of

The first mention of bras can be found in Sicily, as a bandage bra found on mosaics dating from the III century AD. However, the first patent for this invention was issued to v1914, Mary Phelps Jacob, the New York aristocrat. She, in turn, sold the company's patent Warner, so there were bras first named Caresse Crosby.
In the 30s of the twentieth century in the United States was founded by the mass production of bras, which first began manufacturing bras in different sizes. When, in 1938 invented nylon, began to sew bras made from synthetic fabrics with nylon straps. In 50 years of the twentieth century there were bras, which used special tabs that were inserted into the breast cups and gave a very seductive form.
To date, we are offered a huge selection of bras, different patterns and shapes. Fashion does not stand still, continuing to amaze us different novelties. Despite protests from feminists, persecution and even ban the word in some countries, the bra was able to gain a firm foothold in the wardrobe of every woman. After all, a beautiful and comfortable lingerie gives confidence makes a woman attractive.