Innovations brand

The next face of a new collection of brand La Senza has become a model Brooklyn Decker. The brand is committed to choosing a color palette of the collections. It looks spectacular duet model of an intense blue color: the upper part of a smart and seductive mini-shorts. Mysterious as a set of beautiful purple hue, the upper part of which slightly lifts the breasts, which is the best the beauty of feminine nature.
In addition to the constant attraction to the demonstration of new models of the world's number one celebrity, La Senza is constantly surprises its customers with unusual innovations that are designed to not only increase sales but also help clients with the process of choosing the right product. These innovations relate to both the female half of the audience, as well as men. All of them are more educational in nature. With their help women learn how to choose clothes themselves, and men - how to choose lingerie for its beautiful halves.
La Senza lingerie is available as young and mature ladies. There is a collection, as a dazzling white color, and elegant black tones. Incidentally, in the clothes of this brand is very important to choose the right bra size. One day, Christmas sometimes the streets of London rode the bus with a bright intriguing inscription: "Choose the right size bra, and your life will seem much easier." Inside the bus is more like a dressing room, divided into four cubicles in which each client can try on different models of different sizes. Help customer has offered to both girls, who, first, advised women how to choose clothes, and second, parallel models were also personally demonstrating the range.
La Senza brand successfully fights with one of the main men's nightmares: the process of buying lingerie with her second half, his bride and her friends. On any website of a virtual showroom, which has four ready-made female models of all ages, sizes and styles. Men can only select one that is more like his favorite. Here you can enter the sample sizes that are instantly able to assess visually. Such a virtual fitting room extends almost all the collections of the brand, as a novelty, and at long enjoyed popularity among buyers.