The emergence of new products on the shelves of local

La Senza brand (La Senza) often spoils their buyers these or other innovations. So recently one of the specialized shops of London was presented a new collection of La Senza - Ebony & Ivory. This collection is maintained in a classical, strict and very stylish black and white. It is characterized by alternating strips of several in different directions, creating a sense of optical illusion. It will be interesting to a wide range of buyers, regardless of their age and social status. The collection is somewhat out of the general style of all the collections that it is quite concise in terms of color, but that does not suffer from the main principle of lingerie brand La Senza: "Seductive style for reasonable prices."
Some Russian buyers there is a perception that foreign news appeared in our country with a very long delay. They are motivated by the fact that Western manufacturers are not interested in the domestic market. However, this is absolutely not true! As for the brand La Senza, the Russian flagship stores brand almost anything as good as foreign to the rate of occurrence of these new products. The first store, recall, appeared in Moscow in the year two thousand and seven. And since the La Senza brand captured the minds and hearts of Russian buyers because of its exceptional quality and a pleasant surprise prices. After all, we've learned that this brand is very expensive clothes. But La Senza products completely refutes this stereotype. Now shops are focused not only on the lingerie, but also clothes for everyday wear and enjoy a comfortable sleep. They can be found as a chic, stylish models for special occasions, and very cozy, comfortable cotton model. Do not think that La Senza is focused only on the young owners of the ideal figures. The shops will be happy to brand any and all women of various ages and social status.
Russian shops often practiced a system of discounts and sales, where literally run up the eyes. There are also special counters, where all items can be purchased, for example, four hundred ninety-nine rubles. Due to the large demand for it often happens: bras are absolutely on any woman, but her panties to them is not always possible to find. But the fact she and Sale!