French women - amateur sex lingerie

French sex clothes are three times more likely than English women, in order to bring joy to their partners. They know how to seduce men with beautiful lingerie. British women also care primarily about their own convenience.
The French company La Redoute, which sells lingerie and fashionable clothes, conducted a study that confirmed this reputation of French women. Almost one third of the French survey reported that she liked to wear nice sexy underwear, to feel it sexy and alluring. The women of France in lingerie shops drop in more often than other women in the world.
Only one in ten British women willing to dress to someone. Only five percent of respondents in this case said that by choosing lingerie, they think about how it will look at them, and how to influence their partner. A three-fourths of women at the polls said, a hundred more like them something simple and convenient.
Thus, we can safely conclude that the phrase "the love of - French for" quite justified, and French women care more about love than it is thought Englishwoman.