Intimate detail of the female wardrobe - it's underwear, which is invisible to others. But this part of the female toilet gives a woman confidence in her irresistible and feminine. This is clearly reflected in her eyes, in his walk and gestures, and it makes her attractive to men. Wardrobe women should have an abundance of clothes for all occasions in order to change it to its permanent depending on the plans and attitudes.
Choosing lingerie is an art - that need to know in order to avoid mistakes, which is then ruin the whole image.
The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing their underwear - it's quality. If it is not quality, it does not satisfy all the requirements sought by the woman. In addition, it can lead to imbalance intimate microflora. It is best if the cloth from which clothes are made silk or cotton. Linen one hundred percent of components suitable for everyday wear, while for special occasions, it has no refinement. Therefore, try to choose a laundry, which will look perfect on your figure and make it elegant and sewn from the good stuff.