Sexiest stockings

Today's fetish with big letters - it's stockings with a seam. This is the only picture on the stockings, which has survived many centuries and has not lost its popularity. The seam on the sock emblazoned on his leg as an exclamation point, and without vulgarity sexy. This seam is instantly attracts attention and gives birth to a man in his mind insane fantasy. That is why, if the legs are marked with a seam, then they must be, by definition, beautiful. These stockings - it's kind of a branch of evolution for the self-esteem in women.
No less bold and provocative fishnet stockings are. Their fashion is rejected, then again takes. Now come back into fashion fishing nets. Especially popular with small mesh that can not be seen at a distance, but close to it is visible through the translucent skin, that men just love it.
If we look realistically at the subject of women's underwear, then all its varieties of socks can be called the most pointless, because they have no such climate zones, where they can be used comfortably. But be that as it may, stockings fucking sexy, and are a great addition to any woman's outfit. Therefore, choosing a laundry, take care and stockings.