In the view of many women's corset - an attribute of a woman's wardrobe, which is associated with a lot of pain. But since Scarlett, the situation changed. Today corsets and fashionable and comfortable. They offer the convenience, beauty and original design. Corset has become a legend mode. Corsets with tops go well with skirts and a corset and dress - with stiletto heels. And any corset wedding dress is complemented by simply magnificent.
Today's corsets are the subject of sexual ladies intimate wardrobe. They also wear and under garments, and on top of it, with trousers and skirts. Thanks to the design of a corset can be removed at the waist extra inches and slim figure make. Modern ladies can make a choice between the functional slimming corsets and erotic lace or leather, which are exciting to men.
Modern corsets are made of lightweight flexible materials. They can easily be worn under a dress, and a business suit.
Get used to the new corset can take some time. Corsets should take shape your figure. Lining Lycra provide comfort and protect against irritation.
Corset can not be washed, but clean, otherwise it will lose its shape.