T-String Panties

T-String - a tandem pants and panties String Tanga. As in the past the T-String closed crotch and buttocks exposed, but in contrast to the sidewall strings Tang made a single stripe, so the back of her panties look like the letter "T". The name T-Strings got it due to its shape. This model is usually a low waist pants, which has the silhouette of Vika. Use of T-Thong as elements of a bathing suit or as underwear.


There were curtains on the G-model Pantaloons. Their idea is that the elastic band or strip of cloth, which is a waist line, sit down two triangles, which play the role of the front and back of the panties. Placed in the form of curtains, they can adjust themselves in higher or lower, opening or closing parts of the seats bikini.

westering panties

Westering panties - the development of models of Pantaloons. They differ from them very high waist. The lateral line can be greatly enhanced with Vika, and perhaps one that divides the thigh in half. Ability to go under many women enjoy. This ability is very comfortable pants for different situations. It is easy to roll up and returning to its original position, they are seductive. So you can open the body and can be closed.

Vika panties

Vika panties are cowards who have high lateral stripe, deep cut in front and narrowed behind. The name comes from the similarity with the Latin letter V. The rear and front sides are very similar. Waistline is raised above the sides of the thighs, and in front at half-mast to the area where the pubic hair starts.