leotard, which selects the dignity

Let us examine the most common mistakes when choosing a bathing suit, as well as tips on how to avoid them. So if you have small breasts, instead of bras no cups pitted and get push up bra or a strapless. They will make your breasts larger, and generally emphasize the existence of such. Not in any way do not choose dark colored bathing suits, but instead take the kit with a light top and dark bottom, playing on the contrast of the shoulder girdle is a winning look.

Who created the bikini swimsuit

Many years ago, designer Louis Rird designed the leotard, which turned the whole world. He could not think of a name for his invention. After all, something had to be really provocative and attracting attention to himself. And the swimsuit called after the island on which the U.S. government conducted nuclear tests in the five days before the first show. The show took place June 5, 1946. Thus, for the name of the model designer to use the most talked about topic at that time.

A few words on a knitted swimsuit

This season, fashion has made a sharp turn: once again become relevant crocheted swimwear. So many question arises: how, what and where to wear them. Knitted swimwear is incredibly beautiful and feminine. Their main feature is it is in knitting lace, which looks very sexy and looker.

Swimsuit for a child

Parents, of course, decide what and how to bathe their child. But in the forehead if the nude swim at least unhygienic, so it pays to think about the swimsuit for your child. Cotton panties are also not suitable. First, they have to constantly disguise, and secondly, they long to dry and can cause hypothermia. A. So you'd better buy for the baby trunks or a swimsuit. Now they are made of hypoallergenic fabrics and perfectly breathable.